Safety is Paramount at Somerset Safefill  and Safefill

Standard rented gas cylinders are not intended to be refilled by the customer - and much is said about the dangers and legal implications of doing so. We couldn’t agree more. Safefill cylinders are designed to be refilled.
Our cylinders feature:

Automatic overfill prevention device - prevention of filling past 80% max fill

Additional back-check valve if you accidentally forget to close the valve after filling

Tamper-proof fittings which only allow gas to exit when connected to an appliance



Our cylinders comply with a wide range of international standards and approvals. The principal ones include:

  • 2014/68/EU Pressure Equipment Directive
  • SI 2016/1105 The Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016
  • BS EN 13953 2015 Pressure Relief Valve
  • ISO 11119-3 2013 Composite Gas Cylinders Specification and Test
  • Notified Body: TUV SUD Czech s.r.o. No. 1017
  • __________________________________________________


This chart will be helpful .. by weighing your bottle, if your not sure of the quantity of LPG left in the bottle ..

Using a LED torch on one side and looking through the other whilst rocking the bottle will give you  a guide



Helpful photos if your not sure on the size bottle that will fit








Once you have filled up a couple times it will be second nature and as long as to keep to our simple filling rules you will enjoy 10 years of low cost LPG gas ..




Somerset Safefill work along side Safefill Ltd .


General Info below on the warranties and lifespan etc.


We and Safefill Ltd warrants the product free from defects due to material or manufacturing faults during private use as follows:

• The lock-off valve, as an item subject to wear and tear according to how much it is used, is covered for 2 years. 

• The cylinder itself has a 10 year life span. . after this ten year period we rec purchasing a new bottle

Should you experience defects during the 2 year period Safefill  / somerset safefill will act in accordance with statutory provisions taking into account whether the cylinder was: 

• Put to any use other than that intended 

• Tampered with 

• Used with the wrong accessories, e.g. incorrect regulator  (we also recommend only using Genuine Safefill adapters and UK Exts ..

Other non genuine extras are available on the interest / Ebay, some look similar to the Genuine Safe ones but are not )

• Worked on by a non-Safefill approved workshop


The warranty is valid in connection with the receipt and begins on the day of purchase as given in the receipt. If during the warranty period the cylinder becomes defective contact the retailer from whom you purchased it. In the event of dispute the law of England and Wales shall take precedence. This warranty does not reduce your statutory rights in any way. In the interest of providing better information regarding product quality &/or safety Safefill may alter or amend the information provided in information sheets such as this.



IMPORTANT: FIRST FILLING ONLY When filling the cylinder for the FIRST TIME it is important to limit the fill to the following amounts: 

5.0kg cylinder- fill to 6L max. 

7.5kg cylinder- fill to 10L max. 

10kg cylinder- fill to 15L max. 


If you experience any difficulties, seek advice from your retailer or refill centre. 

Cylinders should always be transported with the valve tap in a closed position even when connected for use. 

Filling the cylinder Individual LPG providers give instructions at the pump on how to use their dispenser. 

The cylinder MUST be filled in an upright position. During filling monitor the level of fill. See the “How to fill your Safefill cylinder” label on the Safefill cylinder. 

If in any doubt seek advice from your retailer or refill centre. Connecting your appliance Make sure the Safefill lock-off valve (3) is closed when fitting the regulator. The fitting on the Safefill cylinder valve takes a standard propane regulator and should be connected in the usual way (Note the thread is left-handed so you tighten in an anti-clockwise direction). 

Recycling All parts of your Safefill cylinder are recyclable. Return the cylinder to Safefill Stoke or see the Safefill website for further details. 



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